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  LGB Compendium 2nd Edition
LGB Compendium 2nd Edition
Item: 979
Price: $95.00
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Inventory: This item is no longer available
This item is no longer available.
Completely Overhauled 2. Edition more Pictures
Updated and extended Descriptions
With over 1600 pages printed in two Volumes the Kompendium is the must-have resources for any LGB-Friends and LGB-Collectors. This is the most comprehensive work ever published - a real Encyclopedia for LGB trains.
All LGB brands for the times from 1968 - 2015are covered:
Toy Train
This edition contains 2,230 product descriptions, 2,200 pictures, and about 375 recognized variations.
Due to the extensive additions this work had to be broken into two volumes:
VOLUME I contains LGB engines (+ „TOY TRAIN®“ engines), LGB train sets (+ TOY TRAIN®“ Train Sets), Primus, catalogs, Depeschen „CLUB News“ and „BIG“. In this current edition the chapters „Engines“ are on about 360 pages, „Trainsets“ are covered on 164 pages and „Primus“ on 12 pages. For the categories of catalogs, Depeschen, „CLUB News“ and „BIG“ are the covers printed. The appendix of Volume I contains the Table of Content sorted by product number in ascending order coupled with a short description, a complete listing of all European and American narrow gauge railroad companies. (which are covered in the Kompendium) including their full description as well as a comprehensive listing of US cars with their English description.

Volume II contains on 328 pages the chapter „Passenger Cars“ (+ TOY TRAIN®“ Passenger Cars) and on 644 pages „Freight Cars“ (+ „TOY TRAIN®“ Freight Cars), as well as an Appendix the Table of Content sorted by ascending product numbers followed by the short description.

The author put in the year of first appearance in the respective LGB catalog and the page of the first appearance. This way you can easily find the product in the original LGB catalog. All standard articles, plus all special edition articles for "VEDES", "IDEE + SPIEL", etc. have the original MSRP listed (in either DM or after the reform in EURO. Additionally (if obtainable) the current street price is printed as well.
For the engines are listed weight and length specifications, for the car and train sets only the length specification..
The 2 edition has succeeded to even catalog very rare product with pictures.: in the section engines:
„Cambrai“ steam engine Product. No. 23781, Canadian Diesel engine CP Rail Product. No.. 23552, GG1 Pennsylvania (Auflage 35 Stück!) Product. No. 23835, Trainset
The complete set „Wilson Brothers“ Circus Train
Freight Cars„
McDonalds®“ (San Diego – 20 units special edition), the two freight cars „Dutch Masters®“ including packaging, the 3 car set „Klondike Trail“, Passenger Cars Product. No. 33573 (NYC Ergänzung), den österr. Staßenbahn-Beiwagen (3500 AU) Car Sets:
So called „Goldzug“,
„Baltimore Set“ (Product. No. 70457),
„Saftbären Express“ (only for pharmacies)
„20th Anniversery Mogul Set“ (Product. No. 29182).
Primus-Sets Product. No. 8000 and 81401.
2. Auflage 2015 (Date of photos and text 15. August 2015).
This complete Encyclopedia for LGB trains was published in Germany and the texts are in German but still is an excellent resource for LGB enthusiasts.

Only Trains
308 B Brighton Avenue
Buffalo, Minnesota 55313