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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Only Trains / LGB Knowledge Database, your online source for answers to your questions about using LGB, LGB TOYTRAIN and Lehmann Toy products. There are two easy ways to find what you want. Search by category or term.

Search FAQs:

Noise FAQs

How can I stop my American-style 2-4-0 locomotive from squeaking?
LGB locos generally require very little lubrication. (See Knowledge Database 1044 for more information.)

However, on the newer American-style "2-4-0" locos -- included in many starter sets -- the front "pilot" axle bearings can often benefit from lubrication.

Also, there are a few hard-to-find places on these locos that can often benefit from lubrication. These locomotives use idler gears to reduce the gear ratio, enabling more realistic speeds. These gears rest on axles located inside the gearbox, but they can be lubricated from the outside.

1. Lay the locomotive on its side, on a soft surface to protect its parts.
2. Turn the drive wheels until you can see a little metal dot through the spoked wheels. This is the end of the axle.
3. Apply a small amount of LGB 50019 Maintenance Oil to the axle. Let it soak in, then repeat.
4. There are four total points to oil, two on each side. Make sure all are well oiled.
5. Use a cotton swab to wipe up any excess, making sure not to leave any for dirt to accumulate on.

If this does not solve the problem, send your loco to an LGB service station. (See Knowledge Database 1014 for service information.) Please remember that it is not possible to eliminate all noise. Some may just be the result of the many moving parts inside your LGB locomotive.

Faq No: 1220
My MTS loco buzzes. Is it harmful?
No. The buzzing sound is due to the unique electrical waveform sent to the motor by the MTS decoder. On most locos, the sound cannot be heard, but on some locos under some conditions, you will hear it.

Faq No: 1093
Why do some of my LGB cars squeak when rolling?
This sometimes happens with LGB two-axle freight and passenger cars. The design of the two-axle trucks, while very flexible and reliable, will allow the wheels to run at odd angles to the rail, this deposits a layer of material on the rails, leading to the squealing.

There`s no easy cure, but cleaning the wheels (particularly the flanges) and the rails (particularly the top inside edge) seems to work well. To clean them, use 50010 smoke fluid on a cloth. It`s important to clean all loco and car wheels and all rails at the same time, to prevent spreading around the same dirt all over again.

Also, replacing the wheels with LGB metal wheels will eliminate the squealing.

See also KD 1192.

Faq No: 1191

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