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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Only Trains / LGB Knowledge Database, your online source for answers to your questions about using LGB, LGB TOYTRAIN and Lehmann Toy products. There are two easy ways to find what you want. Search by category or term.

Search FAQs:

Maintenance FAQs

Can you clean LGB track in a dishwasher?
Some LGB owners do clean their track in the dishwasher, and they`ve reported great success with this technique. However, we have not tested this technique, and we definitely don`t recommend it for switches, rolling stock, locomotives or any other items with enclosed or moving parts.

Faq No: 1159
How do I know when I should replace the pick-up shoes of my LGB locos?
Lift your loco and watch the pick-up shoes. Do they move down as you lift the loco? If not, they should be replaced.

When looking at the pick-up shoes, many people wrongly assume that the shoes are slightly worn, but still functional. The travel of the pick-up shoes has been designed so that they stop touching the rails before they are worn through completely. Then they do not pick up power any longer. Pick-up shoes are used not only to pick up power, but also to clean the tracks. Dirty tracks cause pitted wheel surfaces, making them look "rusty." This inhibits power pickup.

Faq No: 1163
I spilled some LGB smoke fluid on the outside of the loco. Will it damage the plastic?
No. It will evaporate in a short time.

Faq No: 1040

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