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LGB 20060 WP&YR Gang/Motor Car, orange
Item: 20060
Price: $329.99 $329.99
Inventory: In-Stock

LGB 20061 WP&YR Gang/Motor Car, yellow / green
Item: 20061
Price: $329.99 $329.99
Inventory: In-Stock

LGB 20062 Gang Car, Undecorated
Item: 20062
Price: $349.99 $329.99
Inventory: In-Stock

LGB 20063 Gang Car, Halloween Version (Special Edition)
Item: 20063
Price: $329.99 $329.99
Inventory: In-Stock

LGB 23363 Kirnitzschtalbahn Streetcar Train w/Lights and Sound new
Item: 23363
Price: $1019.99 $929.99
Inventory: New item, ships in 2021

LGB 24662 DR Rail Bus, Era III w/Lights and Sound new
Item: 24662
Price: $689.99 $629.99
Inventory: In-Stock

LGB 24681 Christmas Rail Truck
Item: 24681
Price: $316.99 $299.99
Inventory: In-Stock

LGB 69575 Motorized Tender with Sound
Item: 69575
Price: $349.99 $324.99
Inventory: In-Stock

LGB 69576 Motorized Tender w/Sound, Black
Item: 69576
Price: $329.99 $324.99
Inventory: In-Stock

Bachmann 81488 D&RG 2-6-0 Locomotive w/Lights and Smoke new
Item: B81488
Price: $1250 $719.99
Inventory: In-Stock

PIKO 37821 DR IV 3 Axle Tender Snow Plow
Item: 1037821
Price: $259.99 $207.99
Inventory: Available, ships within 24 hours

PIKO 38500 D&RGW 25-Ton Diesel Switcher
Item: 1038500
Price: $209.99 $167.99
Inventory: In-Stock

Bachmann 91401 G-Scale Thomas the Tank EngineTM with moving eyes (Thomas the Tank EngineTM)
Item: B91401
Price: $315.00 $199.95
Inventory: In-Stock

Bachmann 91402 G-Scale Percy the Small Engine with moving eyes (Thomas the Tank EngineTM)
Item: B91402
Price: $315.00 $199.95
Inventory: In-Stock

Bachmann 91403 James the Red Engine with Moving Eyes Thomas & Friends™
Item: B91403
Price: $389.00 $229.99
Inventory: In-Stock

Bachmann 91404 Emily (with moving eyes) new
Item: B91404
Price: $429.00 $285.99
Inventory: In-Stock

91405 Toby the Tram Engine - with moving eyes by Bachmann new
Item: B91405
Price: $319.00 $189.99
Inventory: In-Stock

Bachmann 91406 Winston
Item: B91406
Price: $179.00 $104.99
Inventory: In-Stock

USA Trains R20030 GG-1 Electric Locomotive, Pennsy (Green)
Item: R20030
Price: $2500 $1,549.95
Inventory: Available, ships within 48 hours

PIKO 38508 Clean Machine, Green
Item: 1038508
Price: $239.99 $191.99
Inventory: New Item, Ships in November

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