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The items in this category are in great shape with little or no use...Call us if you have questions. Hard to find items.

Preiser 45010 German State Railways Personnel, Collection Item
Item: PR45010U
Price: $22.49
Inventory: 1 available

03204 LGB Journal 2004, Collection Item
Item: 03204
Price: $5.00
Inventory: 2 available

LGB 4003 Flat w/LGB Container Car, NO BOX, Collection Item
Item: 4003LGB
Price: $89.99
Inventory: 1 available

LGB 67319 Spoke Wheel Sets, Metal, 2 pieces, Collection Item
Item: 67319u
Price: $15.99
Inventory: 18 available

Christmann Sammler Katalog volume 6-10 (German) Collection Item
Item: CS050
Price: $19.00
Inventory: 1 available

Christmann Collector Catalog volume 6-10 Collection Item
Item: CS085
Price: $39.99
Inventory: 1 available

LGB D8500G Catalog (German), Collection Item
Item: D8500G
Price: $5.00
Inventory: 1 available

LGB 100 Jahre Catalog (German), Collection Item
Item: G8500
Price: $9.99
Inventory: 2 available

Lehmann Toys Hardcover Book, Collection Item
Item: LGB100
Price: $39.99
Inventory: 1 available

Pola 930 Stucco Home, Collection Item
Item: P930
Price: $226.99 $159.00
Inventory: 1 available

Pola 937 Watchman's Shanty, Collection Item
Item: P937
Price: $79.99
Inventory: 1 available

Preiser 45008 Highway Workers, Sweeper & Flagman, Collection Item
Item: PR45008U
Price: $29.99
Inventory: 1 available

Preiser 54961 Winnetou, Holding Decorated Rifle, Collection Item
Item: PR54961
Price: $27.99 $25.99
Inventory: 2 available

Pola P1881 Viaduct Bridge, Collection Item
Item: P1881
Price: $199.99
Inventory: 1 available

Pola 330899 Guarda Station, Collection Item
Item: P330899
Price: $349.99
Inventory: 1 available

Pola 331859 Liquid Manure Wagon w/Horse & Cow, Collection Item
Item: P1859
Price: $112.99 $139.99
Inventory: In-Stock

Pola 331709 Switching Station, Collection Item
Item: P1709
Price: $179.99
Inventory: 1 available

Pola 331752 Add-On Roundhouse Stall (Fits P331750), Collection Item
Item: P331752U
Price: $139.99
Inventory: 4 available

Pola 331750 G Scale 2-Stall Train Roundhouse, Collection Item
Item: P331750U
Price: $269.99
Inventory: 1 available

Pola 1854 Timber Wagon, Collection Item
Item: P1854
Price: $69.99
Inventory: No longer available

LGB 53003 Set of Figures, Construction Workers (old part number 51404), Collection Item
Item: 53003U
Price: $32.99
Inventory: 1 available

Miscellaneous HO SCALE Engine Lot, Cllection Item
Price: $200.00
Inventory: 1 available

Miscellaneous HO SCALE Lot 2, Cllection Item
Item: MHOL2
Price: $500.00
Inventory: 1 available

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