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The items in this category are in great shape with little or no use...Call us if you have questions. Hard to find items.

LGB 0028E LGB Track Planning and Technical Guide, Collection Item
Item: 0028E
Price: $75.99
Inventory: 1 available

LGB 10250 Wheel Blocks, 12 Pieces, Collection Item
Item: 10250U
Price: $7.99
Inventory: In-Stock

LGB 10260 Insulated Rail Joiners (4), Collection Item
Item: 10260u
Price: $3.99
Inventory: 1 available

LGB 3031 European Marker Lantern, Illuminated Red-tail Light Lanterns, Collection Item
Item: 3031
Price: $5.99
Inventory: 1 available

LGB 50131 Wire Terminals, 50 pieces, Collection Item
Item: 50131U
Price: $4.99
Inventory: 1 available

LGB 50614 Track Mounting Piers, 36 Pieces, Collection Item
Item: 50614u
Price: $22.99
Inventory: 1 available

LGB 5141 Group in Traditional Costumes, Collection Item
Item: 5141U
Price: $10.99
Inventory: 1 available

LGB 5146 Mountain Tourist Figures, Collection Item
Item: 5146u
Price: $18.99
Inventory: 1 available

LGB 64402 Coupler Hook, Spring and Pin, Collection Item
Item: 64402
Price: $2.98 $1.49
Inventory: 10 available

LGB 67301 Spoke Wheel Sets, Plastic, 2 pieces, Collection Item
Item: 67301U
Price: $9.98 $4.99
Inventory: 2 available

LGB 67401 Solid Wheel Sets, Plastic, 2 pieces, Collection Item
Item: 67401U
Price: $4.99
Inventory: 74 available

Christmann Sammler Katalog volume 6-10 (German) Collection Item
Item: CS050
Price: $19.00
Inventory: 2 available

LGB 100 Jahre Catalog (German), Collection Item
Item: G8500
Price: $9.99
Inventory: 2 available

Pola 966 Car Ramp, Collection Item
Item: P966
Price: $24.99
Inventory: 1 available

LGB E129994 (62204) Standard Motor with Long Shaft Collection Item
Item: E129994U
Price: $53.99
Inventory: 3 available

PIKO 62265 North Pole Station (built up, assembled model) Collection Item
Item: 1062265U
Price: $83.99
Inventory: 1 available

LGB 20403 or 2040/3 Scissor Pantograph, Silver, Collection Item
Item: 20403
Price: $25.99
Inventory: 1 available

Misc Scenery Lot
Price: $25.00
Inventory: 1 available

LGB 65012 Mogul/Sound Unit Function Trigger, Collection Item
Item: 65012U
Price: $14.99
Inventory: 1 available

Preiser 45119 Standing Hikers, Collection Item
Item: PR45119U
Price: $25.50
Inventory: 1 available

Preiser 45149 Waiting Travelers, Collection Item
Item: PR45149U
Price: $25.50
Inventory: 1 available

Preiser 45005 Modern Track Workers, Collection Item
Item: PR45005U
Price: $24.50
Inventory: 1 available

Preiser 47710 Walking Ibex w/Raised Head, Collection Item
Item: PR47710U
Price: $11.25
Inventory: 3 available

Miscellaneous Freight Car Lot, Collection Item
Item: MFCL
Price: $100.00
Inventory: 1 available

Pola G998 Carnival Lottery Stand, Collection Item
Item: PG998
Price: $80.00
Inventory: 1 available

LGB Lehmann Flag, Collection Item
Price: $100.00
Inventory: 1 available

Playmobil Assorted Sets, Collection Item
Item: PMSU
Price: $175.00
Inventory: 1 available

Bachmann 96214 Large Scale Dual Crossing Gate, Collection Item
Item: B96214U
Price: $40.00
Inventory: 1 available

Model Power 999 Building Wall Lights, Set of 3, Collection Item
Item: MP999
Price: $10.00
Inventory: 2 available

Model Power 969 Crossing Signals, Set of 2, Collection Item
Item: MP969
Price: $20.00
Inventory: 1 available

Brawa 9253 Train Station Clock Tower, Collection Item
Item: BW9253
Price: $30.00
Inventory: No longer available

LGB Club Accessory Lot, Collection Item
Price: $150.00
Inventory: 1 available

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