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LGB G Scale Coke

Good detail on these G Scale Coke Items adorned with iconic Coca Cola Brands - Train items manufactured by LGB.

LGB 27631 Coca-ColaŽ Diesel Locomotive w/Lights
Item: 27631
Price: $439.99 $424.99
Inventory: In-Stock

LGB 40672 Coca-ColaŽ Boxcar w/Metal Wheels
Item: 40672
Price: $219.99 $175.99
Inventory: In-Stock

LGB 40757 Coca-Cola Caboose w/Metal Wheels and Lights
Item: 40757
Price: $274.99 $239.99
Inventory: In-Stock

LGB 40810 Coca-Cola Tank Car w/Metal Wheels
Item: 40810
Price: $209.99 $169.99
Inventory: In-Stock

LGB 42913 Coca-ColaŽ Boxcar, Collection Item
Item: 42913
Price: $139.00
Inventory: 1 available

LGB 43359 DB Coca-ColaŽ Refrigerator Car, Era III w/Metal Wheels
Item: 43359
Price: $184.99 $149.99
Inventory: Available, ships within 48 hours

LGB 36812 Coca Cola Passenger Car new
Item: 36812
Price: $249.99 $215.99
Inventory: New for 2020, Ship Dates to Follow

LGB 36818 Coca Cola Half Baggage Car new
Item: 36818
Price: $249.99 $215.99
Inventory: New for 2020, Ship Dates to Follow

LGB 36847 Coca Cola Baggage Car new
Item: 36847
Price: $249.99 $215.99
Inventory: New for 2020, Ship Dates to Follow

LGB 20282 Coca Cola Mogul Steam Locomotive w/Lights, Sound and Smoke new
Item: 20282
Price: $1579.99 $1,409.99
Inventory: New for 2020, Ship dates to follow.

LGB 4072 Coke Coca Cola Box Car Reefer, collection item
Item: 4072 Coke
Price: $179.00
Inventory: 1 available

LGB 4090C Coco-Cola Sprite Edition Box Car, Collection Item
Item: 4090C
Price: $99.00
Inventory: 1 available

LGB 42911 Coca-Cola Boxcar (Always the Real Thing), Collection Item
Item: 42911
Price: $109.00
Inventory: 2 available

LGB 42911cm Coke Box Car, Collection Item
Item: 42911cm
Price: $145.99
Inventory: 1 available

LGB 45710 Coca Cola Limited Edition Caboose, Collection Item
Item: 45710
Price: $165.00
Inventory: 1 available

Only Trains
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Buffalo, Minnesota 55313