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Previously owned, hard to find cars. In most cases we only have one. All have boxes unless noted in the description and are in great shape, ready to run. We will be happy to look at any car if you want a further description prior to purchasing. Pictures in some cases are stock photos but accurately represent the item.

Artisto Craft 31632 Napa Valley Heavyweight RPO, Collection Item
Item: ART31632
Price: $175.00
Inventory: 1 available

REA46011 B&O Timesaver Box Car, Collection Item
Item: REA46011
Price: $59.99
Inventory: 1 available

Aristo-Craft 46002 D&RGW Box Car, Collection Item
Item: REA46002
Price: $59.99
Inventory: 1 available

Aristo Craft ART22501 PRR Lil Critter, Collection Item
Item: ART22501
Price: $179.99
Inventory: 1 available

Aristo Craft ART31305 Southern Crescent Passenger Car, Collection Item
Item: ART31305
Price: $199.99
Inventory: 1 available

Aristo Craft ART31405 Southern Cresent Observation Car, Collection Item
Item: ART31405
Price: $189.99
Inventory: 1 available

AristoCraft ART22023 CN FA-1 Locomotive #9406, Collection Item
Item: ART22023
Price: $399.99
Inventory: 1 available

AristoCraft ART46233 Milk Duds Box Car, Collection Item
Item: ART46233
Price: $69.00
Inventory: 1 available

AristoCraft ART46532 Napa Valley Piggy Back Flat Car, Collection Item
Item: ART46532
Price: $69.00
Inventory: 1 available

AristoCraft ART81401 D&RGW Hopper Car, Collection Item
Item: ART81401
Price: $69.00
Inventory: 1 available

AristoCraft ART86402 C&S Reel Car, Collection Item
Item: ART86402
Price: $69.00
Inventory: 1 available

AristoCraft ART31403 Milwaukee Heavyweight Pullman Car #1403, Collection Item
Item: ART31403
Price: $135.00
Inventory: 1 available

AristoCraft ART31502 B&O Heavyweight Diner Car, Cumberland #1502, Collection Item
Item: ART31502
Price: $175.00
Inventory: 1 available

AristoCraft ART31320 Santa Fe Valley Flyer Heavyweight Coach #3006, Collection Item
Item: ART31320
Price: $160.00
Inventory: 1 available

AristoCraft ART31411 ATSF/Santa Fe Heavyweight Observation Car, Collection Item
Item: ART31411
Price: $135.00
Inventory: 1 available

AristoCraft ART31599 Napa Valley Heavyweight Diner Car, Collection Item
Item: ART31599
Price: $179.00
Inventory: 1 available

AristoCraft ART31311 Santa Fe Heavyweight Passenger Car #3037, Collection Item
Item: ART31311
Price: $135.00
Inventory: 3 available

AristoCraft ART31303 Milwaukee Heavyweight Coach, Collection Item
Item: ART31303
Price: $135.00
Inventory: 1 available

AristoCraft ART31720 Santa Fe Heavyweight Combine #1302, Collection Item
Item: ART31720
Price: $160.00
Inventory: 1 available

AristoCraft ART31520 Santa Fe Heavyweight Diner #1467, Collection Item
Item: ART31520
Price: $160.00
Inventory: 1 available

Aristo Craft ART23309 PCC Trolley, Baltimore, Collection Item
Item: ART23309
Price: $269.99
Inventory: 1 available

Only Trains
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Buffalo, Minnesota 55313


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