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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Only Trains / LGB Knowledge Database, your online source for answers to your questions about using LGB, LGB TOYTRAIN and Lehmann Toy products. There are two easy ways to find what you want. Search by category or term.

Search FAQs:

Power FAQs

55016: Selecting the Throttle Range
With the 55016 Loco Remote, you can select the range of the throttle knob: Left-Off or Center-Off. Select the range during operations by moving a switch on the Loco Remote. Turn the throttle knob to the new "Off" position (center or left) to activate the new mode.

Faq No: 1007
Are bigger transformers better than smaller transformers?
No. For example, if you have an analog layout divided into two main blocks, we would recommend two 5 amp transformers instead of one 10 amp power supply.
Using separate transformers guarantees that one train will not rob power from another or that your accessories will not rob power from your trains. Similarly, using a separate transformer for your accessories means that your lights will shine more steadily and your EPL drives will work more reliably.
Also, with smaller transformers, the smaller current capacity on each circuit also reduces the chance of major meltdown damage from a derailment or other short circuit.

Faq No: 1031
Can I use the 10340 with a fixed-voltage transformer like the 50061?
Yes, but the train will probably run too fast, depending on the output voltage of the transformer. For more realistic operation, you need some kind of speed control (throttle) between the 10340 Automatic Reversing Unit and your transformer. LGB throttles 51070, 52120 and 52121 will all work with the 50061 and other LGB transformers.

Faq No: 1029
Can I use third-party power supplies with LGB locomotives?
You should only use LGB power supplies with LGB products. Many LGB locos have been damaged by third-party power supplies. Some produce the wrong voltage. Some produce a "spike" or "pulse" waveform, that can damage LGB motors and electronics. Also, LGB transformers and power packs meet European "CE" and U.S. "UL" safety standards.

Faq No: 1063
Do I want traditional analog or Multi-Train System digital power?
Traditional analog systems use variable DC to power your trains. For single-train layouts, analog power is both simple and economical. For example, the JUMBO power pack, with its a 10 amp output and programmable features, is a good solution for large, single-train layouts. But with analog power, you need complex "block" wiring to operate multiple trains.
The digital Multi-Train System solves that problem by using Digital AC to power your trains and also to send commands to trains, switches and signals.
With the Multi-Train System, you and your friends can play with trains together, running lots of trains over lots of track without complex wiring. You can control up to 128 switches or signals with the Multi-Train System, again, without complex wiring. With the Multi-Train System, you can operate special features - like loco bells and whistles - by remote control, or you can let your computer operate your entire layout for you.

Faq No: 1058
How do I connect the power pack to the track?
Just use the track power cable included with the set. There are two clamps on the end of the cable. Attach one clamp to each rail. You don`t need any tools.
Attach the cable wires to the terminals numbered "1" and "2" on the power pack. (It doesn't matter which wire is attached to which terminal.) Plug the power pack into a wall outlet, and GO!

Faq No: 1037
How much power do I need for my layout?
For the Multi-Train System, we recommend the 50110/50111 "High Output" AC Transformer, which is engineered especially for the MTS.
For analog layouts, the LGB program offers several power supplies:
For small layouts, the 1-amp power pack included with most LGB starter sets is perfect. It has enough power for one train, and with its built-in speed control, installation is fast and easy.
For most larger layouts, the best choice is the "High-Output" AC Transformer (50110 for 230V or 50111 for 110V). It offers 5 real amps of power, plenty for the vast majority of LGB layouts. Plus you can use it with both the digital Multi-Train System and with the current LGB analog throttles, like the 51070, 52120 and 52121. (Do not use this transformer with older "2 amp" LGB throttles.)
If you`re running double or triple-headed trains on a very large layout, the big 10 amp JUMBO (50100 or 50101) power pack is an attractive option. With a built-in electronic speed control, automated control features and an optional wired remote, the JUMBO is the pinnacle of analog power. Also, you can enjoy the advantages of the digital Multi-Train System on the largest layout by using 55090 MTS Power Extenders and additional transformers (see No. 1059).
While you`re shopping for power, don`t forget your accessories, like switches and signals. They need AC power, and an economical 0.5 amp AC Transformer (51080 or 51081) is a good choice for many layouts.

Faq No: 1057
The spring terminals on my starter set power pack no longer hold the wires. What should I do?
Unfortunately there is no easy repair. One solution is to solder (unplug the power first) the wire directly to the power terminal..

Faq No: 1199
What gauge wire should I use?
This is an important question as people build larger layouts with more trains, more switches, more signals and more accessories. If the wire isn`t the right size and construction, the layout won`t work reliably.
For track power wiring, the wire size we recommend depends on the output of your power supply (transformer or power pack):
- If your power supply has a maximum amp output of 5 amps or less, we recommend 0.5 mm2 cross section (20 AWG) wire.
- If your power supply has a maximum amp output of more than 5 amps, we recommend 1.5 mm2 cross section (14 AWG) wire.
For accessory wiring, we recommend 0.5 mm2 cross section (20 AWG) wire.
Also to reduce losses between your power supply, trains and accessories, make sure that all your connections are clean and secure. All wires should be stranded, not solid. Wire insulation should be designed for outdoor use. See the LGB catalog for wire and wiring accessories.

Faq No: 1068
What is a power pack?
A power pack is a combination of a throttle and transformer in one unit.

Note: Some LGB starter sets include a safety-approved power pack. However, to prepare for upcoming changes in European safety regulations, some LGB starter sets include a hand-held throttle and a separate transformer.

Faq No: 1232
Why does my JUMBO power pack only work at full speed?
Check for a small jumper clip on the 9-pin socket on the back of the JUMBO. The socket is a connection for the 50105/50106 JUMBO Remote Control, and if a remote is not plugged into the socket, the jumper must be. If not, the JUMBO will go to full voltage as soon as it is connected to house current.

Faq No: 1143
You recommend the "High-Output" AC Transformer for both analog and digital layouts. But don't analog layouts need DC power?
Yes. That's why the latest LGB analog throttles (51070, 52120 and 52121) have built-in AC-to-DC converters. They work great with the high-output AC transformers or any other LGB power supply. Plus the current LGB analog throttles employ electronics for fine throttle control and full loco safety.

Faq No: 1062

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