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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Only Trains / LGB Knowledge Database, your online source for answers to your questions about using LGB, LGB TOYTRAIN and Lehmann Toy products. There are two easy ways to find what you want. Search by category or term.

Search FAQs:

Lighting FAQs

Can I run my lighted cars on a Multi-Train System layout?
Yes, you can run lighted cars, like the RhB passenger and dining cars, on MTS layouts without modification. The lights will be constantly lit, even when the train is waiting in the station, but you must to switch them off manually for parking.

Hint: Some older LGB passenger cars with factory-installed 5 volt lighting can cause problems by interfering with data transmission from the MTS Central Station to the decoders. If your MTS layout does not function properly with a lighted car, but functions fine without, the car needs to be modified. There are two ways to do this: 1. Remove all circuits and power the lights directly from the tracks. You can keep the 5 volt bulbs because the lights are wired in series. 2. Replace the circuit board with a 55034 MTS Rolling Stock Decoder. This also allows you to turn your lights on and off from your remote.

Faq No: 1173
Can lights be installed in the original 30570, 30580 and 30590 streamline passenger cars?
Yes. Interior kits -- including lights, seats and more -- were available in North America. Very hard to find now, but here are the product numbers. Also LGB's current lighting products and aftermarket lighting kits will work in these cars,
66357 Interior Lighting Kit for 30570
66358 Interior Lighting Kit for 30580
66359 Interior Lighting Kit for 30590

These kits are not available outside North America.

Faq No: 1171
How can I add lights to my trains?
The 68333 Interior Lighting Set can be installed in most LGB passenger cars. Remove the roof of the car and look for the mounting points molded into the underside of the roof. Attach the light to the mounting points with the screws. (Longer cars may require two lighting sets.)
Extend the cables from the light through the slots in the ends of the car. Reinstall the roof. Insert the plug on the end of the cable into the multi-purpose socket on the back of most LGB locomotives.
Hint: If you don't want to connect your cars to a loco, you can equip them with power pickups, using the 67403 Ball Bearing Wheelsets. These wheelsets have integrated power pickups.

Faq No: 1103
How can I get power directly from the track to an LGB car?
It`s easy with LGB 67403 Ball Bearing Wheel Sets:

1. Remove the old wheel set. Just bend the side frames a bit, and you can lift the axle right out of the frames.

2. Drill a hole for the wires. LGB two-axle cars have little donuts molded into the floor of the car to hold the trucks. Just drill out one of the donuts. On four-axle cars, drill a small hole through the floor near the pivot point. And remember, if you have a sound car, don't drill through the printed circuit board on the other side of the floor.

3. Connect the wires from your lights or sound board. First, remove the power plugs on the wires. Run the wires through the hole. Then, connect the small terminals that came with the 67403. You can crimp them on or solder them on. Slip the terminals on the posts on a new ball bearing wheel set. It doesn't matter which color wire you put on which post.

4. Install the new wheel sets. On some cars, you might have to bend the posts a bit for proper clearance. Then just pop the wheel set into the side frame. Reassemble the rest of the car, and you're done!

Hint: You only need to replace one of the old wheel sets with a ball bearing wheel set, but if you use and connect both ball bearing wheel sets, you`ll get more reliable electrical contact, particularly on dirty track. When using two wheelsets with power pick-ups, wire them in parallel.

Faq No: 1138
What power do I need for LGB street lights?
LGB street lights, station lights and track bumper lights can be operated with AC or DC power up to 18 volts.

- Use an old starter set power pack to power your lights, and then, you can use the power pack speed control to vary the intensity of the lights.
- With the Multi-Train System, you can connect the lights directly to the tracks.

Faq No: 1135

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