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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Only Trains / LGB Knowledge Database, your online source for answers to your questions about using LGB, LGB TOYTRAIN and Lehmann Toy products. There are two easy ways to find what you want. Search by category or term.

Search FAQs:

Starter Sets FAQs

How do I make my starter set loco smoke?
Most newer LGB starter set steam locos are equipped with smoke generators. Look for a control switch inside the cab. See the loco instructions for the correct setting.
On some older starter set steam locos, there is a small silver switch on the bottom of the loco, directly under the smoke stack. Turn the switch until it touches the brass contact on the bottom of the loco, directly under the smoke stack.
Once you`ve set the switch, find the small plastic vial of smoke fluid included with the set. Use a pair of scissors to cut the tip off the vial. Drip a small amount of smoke fluid into the smoke stack. Put the loco on the track and start running. In less than a minute, it should start to smoke.

Faq No: 1116
How do you connect wires to the track?
The quickest way is to use the track power cable that comes in every starter set. The 50160 Track Power Cable is also available separately, and you can make your own custom cables using 50161 Track Power Terminals.
You can also use Insulated Track Sections (10152, 10153 or 11152). All of these track sections have concealed terminal blocks that make it easy to make invisible power connections.

Faq No: 1067
I want to expand my starter set circle. Where can I find some simple layout plans?
Look for a little brochure called "The Next Step." It`s numbered 00624, and it includes more than a dozen basic layout plans along with basic information on using electric switches and signals.

Faq No: 1139
What are the little black plastic rods included with the set?
They are track clips. The clips hook into slots on the end of every LGB track section. You don`t have to use the clips, but they will prevent the individual track sections from pulling apart. That can be a problem if the track is not ballasted or attached.
The clips must be installed with the part number facing down. Also, there are two sets of tabs on each end of the clips. By choosing different sets of tabs, the clips will fit different track situations.

Faq No: 1042
Why does my starter set loco stall on switches?
This happens when all the electrical pick-ups (wheels and pick-up shoes) on one side of the loco momentarily hit a spot on the track where none of them gets power. For example, when a small loco passes over the plastic insulating "frog" on switches, the contacts may not receive power to keep the loco running.

Keeping the rails, wheels and pick-ups clean will reduce this problem. Travelling faster over the spot will also reduce this problem.

However, the best solution is to add more electrical pick-ups to the loco. You can do that by attaching an LGB powered tender to the loco. These tenders (like the 69572) provide six additional electrical picks along with an additional motor and electronic sound.

You can also add electrical pick-ups by adding a passenger or freight car with electrical pick-ups. Some LGB cars, like lighted passenger coaches, are factory-equipped with electrical pick-ups. Also, you can add electrical pick-ups to most LGB cars using the 67403 Ball Bearing Wheel Set. Then connect the car to loco via the multi-purpose socket on the back of most LGB locos.

Faq No: 1125
Will my big new locomotive run on the curved tracks that came with my starter set?
Yes. All LGB locomotives are engineered to run on the tightest radius LGB track sections. This feature (known as the "1100 Rule") guarantees that your investment in LGB track will never be wasted.
However, larger locos and larger trains run better and look more realistic on wider radius curves. So when you`re planning your ultimate LGB layout, plan to use the widest radius curves possible. The LGB program includes curved track sections in four different radii. Plus LGB offers "flex track" that can be bent to create almost any radius for custom installations.

Faq No: 1049

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