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Piko 36120 Decoder, Taurus & BR218
Piko 36120 Decoder, Taurus & BR218
Item: 1036120
List: $189.99
Price: $151.99
plus shipping
Inventory: In-Stock
Piko 36120 Decoder, Taurus & BR218

PIKO Multi-protocol Decoder for Taurus & BR218

For locomotives with DC motors on digital layouts operating in the DCC- and Motorola data format.

Regulated multi-protocol decoder for DCC (NMRA compliant) and Motorola
Suitable for DC and bell armature motors to 3 A
Quiet motor running by using 18.75 kHz control frequency
14, 27, 28, 128 speed steps, depending on data format
Short addresses (1-127) and long addresses (for 128-9999)
Adjustable minimum, medium and maximum speeds
Speed step tables for 14 and 28 speed step mode
Main track programming (DCC)
Shunting mode (half speed) toggled using f3
Starting/brake inertia switched using f4
Headlights switched using f0, dimmable
8 special function outputs switched using f1 and f8
Function Mapping
With SUSI sound interface (4 pole mini socket) for the connection of the PIKO sound module # 36190 or other modules controllable using auxiliary functions (f1 to f12)
Reacts to DCC conforming brake signal (e.g. Power 3) or brake sections with DC voltage
Overheating protection
All outputs are short circuit protected
Conventional DC or AC operation with automatic change-over on the respective operating mode
All CVs are programmable with digital devices using DCC and/or Motorola formats
With DCC systems programmable using register, CV direct or page programming
All special functions also switchable with LGB controllers
Connection of older LGB sound modules possible by outputting of LGB pulse trains (via output A1)
Shuttle train service and intermediate stop or INDUSI using a locomotive reed contact and track magnets
Optional: direction dependent or time-limited switching of the special functions f1 to f8.
Updatable by Flash memory

This locomotive decoder is an efficient multi-protocol decoder for large scale trains. It can be used in DCC-and Motorola Digital systems and also works in analog mode with DC or AC and direction of travel change-over using high voltage pulse (Mrklin system). The decoder works with a frequency of 18.75 KHz and is suitable for DC motors as well as for bell armature motors (e.g.Faulhaber, Maxon, Escap) up to a continuous power of 3 A. Short term higher switching on currents are tolerated well. The motor characteristics are setup either by means of the minimum, middle and maximum speed or by different CVs for the individual speed steps. The load control can be individually adapted to different locomotive motors by setting these control parameters. The decoder has two travel direction dependent lighting outputs, as well as eight additional special function outputs, which are switched using function keys f1 to f8. Function keys f3 and f4 can be used to switch a shunting mode with extended low-speed operating range and the starting/brake inertia. The allocation of the switching tasks such as lighting, special function outputs, shunting mode and adjustable starting/brake inertia can be freely assigned to the function keys of the digital center (Function Mapping). Special functions f5 to f8 have fixed outputs assigned. All CVs can be programmed using the PIKO Digi-Power-Box, Intellibox, DCC- or Mrklin controller. In the factory condition the decoder automatically recognizes the DCC and Motorola data formats, as well as analog DC or AC power. The desired mode of operation can also be specified manually

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