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  LGB 26846 SOEG Class IV K Steam Locomotive w/Lights, Sound and Smoke
LGB 26846 SOEG Class IV K Steam Locomotive w/Lights, Sound and Smoke
Item: 26846
List: $1100.00
Price: $1,049.99
plus shipping
Inventory: This item is no longer available
This item is no longer available.
LGB 26846 SOEG Class IV K Steam Locomotive with Lights, Sound and Smoke

This is a model of the class IV K Meyer locomotive in the version as it currently looks as a museum locomotive in use on the SOEG. The paint and lettering are prototypical for Era VI. Two powerful Bühler motors with ball bearings drive all of the wheelsets. Traction tires. The locomotive has an mfx/DCC decoder with many sound and light functions, such as headlights that change over with the direction of travel, cab lighting, and a smoke unit with steam exhaust synchronized with the wheels.

Length over the buffers 48 cm / 18-7/8".

Extensive light and sound functions.
Running sounds will also work in analog operation.
Smoke unit with steam exhaust synchronized with the wheels.
Model in Era l and VI.
Still currently in use in this form on the Zittau Narrow Gauge Railroad.

Between 1892 and 1921, 96 of the Saxon class IV K locomotives were built, among them road number 145 in 1908. On the DRG it was assigned road number 99 555, which was also used in operation on the DR. In 1962, this locomotive was rebuilt and among other things, it was given a new boiler, cab, and water tanks. The locomotive remained in use this way until 1973. It was not then scrapped but was set up as a memorial. In 2002, it was brought to Bertsdorf and it was restored to its original condition as road number 145 of the Royal Saxon State Railroad. Since 2009, this 29 metric ton locomotive has been in use again on the Zittau Narrow Gauge Railroad, where it satisfies all tasks with its performance of 210 horsepower and its maximum speed of 25 km/h / 16 mph. However, it is currently being overhauled, and it is planned that it will be presented - when it is in use again - with road number 184 with the cars of the Saxon freight train. The locomotive with this road number was delivered in 1914 directly from the builder to Zittau.

The Saxon State Railways urgently needed more powerful locomotives at the end of the 19th century for its very extensive German 750 mm / 30" narrow gauge network with about 20 narrow gauge routes of about 384 km / 240 miles length. The Saxon Machinery Company (formerly R. Hartmann) in Chemnitz then delivered 96 units of the class IV K between 1892 and 1921 as locomotives with trucks of the Günther-Meyer design. Among them was the current SOEG museum locomotive, road number "IV K 145", which was based in Zittau upon delivery from 1908 to 1936. Later, it was on the DRG and still later it ran on the DR as road number 99 555. By December of 1962, it underwent a so-called general repair (GR) to keep it fit for future years. This included a new boiler and the installation of steam heating equipment. The locomotive thus remained this way in use until 1973, but it was not scrapped. It was set up starting in May of 1977 in Söllmnitz as a memorial. On August 23, 2002, it was acquired by the "Zittau Narrow Gauge Railways Interest Group" for potential restoration and in the same year it was brought to Bertsdorf. After a license agreement with the SOEG, the partially disassembled locomotive was brought on May 26, 2008 to the MaLoWa steam locomotive works in Benndorf. By July of 2009, it was overhauled and made operational again there. Externally, it was largely restored to its original appearance in the paint scheme of the Royal Saxon State Railways with its original road number 145. On the SOEG it could be seen now and then pulling special trains and on special occasions even pulling restored Saxon freight cars from around 1900.
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