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Bachmann 81487 Eureka & Palisade 2-6-0 Locomotive w/Lights and Smoke
Bachmann 81487 Eureka & Palisade 2-6-0 Locomotive w/Lights and Smoke
Item: B81487
List: $1,399.00
Price: $819.99
plus shipping
Inventory: Available, ships within 5-7 days
Bachmann 81487 Eureka & Palisade 2-6-0 Locomotive w/Lights and Smoke

Our Spectrum Large Scale 1:20.3 Locomotives are going to be a Hit with your family and friends. This Magnificent Mogul has been updated with an impressive list of improvements: Its new metal gears and gear box proved superior, realistic performance. An advanced nonproprietary plug and play electronic printed circuit board gives you several options for control systems, including adding a DCCC decoder if desired. And with a factory-installed speaker and optical sensors, you can enjoy the aftermarket sound system of your choice. Available if four beautifully painted prototypical models

Features include:
• advanced nonproprietary plug-and-play electronic printed circuit board to accommodate the control system of your choice, including conventional DC power, NMRA/NEM DCC, and/or RC operation
• powerful precision-balanced can motor connected to an all-metal gearbox and gears with appropriate gear reduction for a six-wheel drive system with superior performance at realistic speeds
• fully operating Stephenson valve gear with operating piston valves, crosshead pumps with piping, Johnson bar, and linkage
• fully equalized locomotive suspension system to provide super-smooth operation on uneven track
• electrical pickup from all drive wheels and both tender trucks
• two optical sensors, one in each cylinder, give you the option of adjusting the timing and count of steam chuffs
• factory-installed speaker with wire pigtail to allow easy installation of optional aftermarket sound
• two switches behind the smoke box door allow you to choose whether the headlight/ ashpan flicker and smoke generator are turned off or controlled by the device in the advanced nonproprietary plug-and-play socket
• easy access to switches in the tender for motor power on/off and choice of track pickup or battery power operation according to NMRA or Large Scale railroading practices
• realistic coal or wood load in the tender per prototype
• strap or wood pilot per prototype
• option for either body-mounted or truck-mounted coupler height
• metal frame, drivers, hangers, driver leaf springs, siderods, piston rods, valve guides, guide rods, handrails, and piping
• brass-plated metal whistle
• machined brass pop valves and bell with metal clapper
• separate sanding lines
• cab details
• LED headlight
• load-synchronized LEDs in firebox and ashpan for realistic fire glow
• complete backhead detail including steam gauge with piping, throttle, sight glass fittings, and operating firebox door
• engineer and fireman figures

Performs best on 5' diameter curves or greater.

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